MAXON CINEMA 4D RELEASE 13 By Ko Maruyama MAXON announced release of its latest version of software, Release 13, which marks a new era for CINEMA 4D.  The current version of the software provides many new features for seasoned users, and several competitive upgrades that will bring in professionals who might use other 3D software packages. ...Read More »
iPad2 GripStand 2 Bundle By Ko Maruyama The Newer Technology company makes a protective back and stand for your iPad 2. The Gripstand and GripBase pairing is a great way to watch your iPad content hands free, or, if you're a teacher, present items on the iPad to students without having to awkwardly holding it. ...Read More »
MAXON CINEMA 4D R11.5 By Ko Maruyama MAXON Computer released their newest version of CINEMA 4D, the 3D application that has quickly become the favorite of broadcast designers and animators. The name of the newest version, R 11.5 gives the illusion that the update is a minor upgrade from previous R11.2 version. However, the multitude of new features in R11.5 makes the upgrade feel like a integer release. ...Read More »
Toolfarm's Professional After Effects Camera Training By Ko Maruyama The 3D world in After Effects has always been a difficult composition space to navigate. Even if you are familiar with world navigation in a 3D application, working with the camera in After Effects may not behave the way you might expect. Like any application, there is a workflow which will make working with these tools easier to understand. Toolfarm's new training shows you how. ...Read More »
Autodesk's Mudbox 2009 By Kevin McAuliffe The world of 3D design and animation has always had a "what came first, the chicken or the egg" mentality. What I mean by that is when it comes to someone getting into the world of 3D animation, normally (not all the time), they are either strong at the computer/technical aspect, or strong in (classical) animation, and they end up having to bulk up on either one or the other. ...Read More »
I'm a Juicer By John Haley Whether you are someone who is running errands all day, or have a business which requires you to be away from the office, or even a student who loves music or a avid gammer - this is for you. Not many of us are stationary long enough to to recharge our all in one mobile computer, or at least that is how some think of their iPhones! ...Read More »
Mercury On-The-Go By Ko Maruyama There are tons of reasons to check out this lightweight drive. The OWC Mercury On-The-Go drive is a little powerhouse in your pocket. If you're going to run out an purchase an external drive for your Mac laptop, you already know what you want in a drive: FW 800, USB 2.0 for those other connections you may need to make, and bus powered (no external power supply). ...Read More »
PHOTOSHOP DOWN & DIRTY TRICKS By Ko Maruyama You probably know Scott Kelby from many publications, especially as the editor of Photoshop User magazine. In his latest book, PHOTOSHOP CS4 DOWN & DIRTY TRICKS, Scott and Corey Barker walk through several of the latest design tricks and trends Photoshop users recognize in so much of the print work available today. ...Read More »
FreeForm AE for Adobe After Effects By Kevin McAuliffe These days, 3D in Adobe's After Effects is a no brainer, and most people don't even give it a second thought. I've been an After Effects user since version 3.5 of the software, and when the 3D feature came along (version 5), it was a huge step forward, except for one problem. ...Read More »
Modbook from a MacBook Pro By Ko Maruyama A few years ago, we saw a company called Axiotron out of El Segundo California come up with a Mac tablet which integrated the Wacom tablet technology (similar to the Cintiq) and the Apple MacBook. This is a great solution for those of us who loved to work with software that really took advantage of the stylus. Before the Pro version ships, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, and Maxon's BodyPaint 3D were among some of the tools I tried out on the current 15-inch ModBook. ...Read More »
Flip video delivers new Flip UltraHD By Ko Maruyama The Ultra HD in many ways is like it's predecessor, the flip. The small camera easily fits into a shirt pocket, or purse, it shoots a HD video image HD -- 1287 20x720, and has an easy to use button interface on the back of the upright camera. However, there are many features that set this camera apart from its previous version, and any of the other competitors' offerings. ...Read More »
Zaxwerks Serpentine By Ko Maruyama While you may know Zaxwerks previous offerings, the latest plug-in for Adobe's After Effects is the evolution of some of the best parts from its predecessors. Although the company's other plug-ins offer interesting options for 3D designers, Serpentine gives After Effects artists need ability to create those 3D animations that are most frequently requested in motion graphics. ...Read More »
TEN ONE DESIGN'S pogo sketch By Ko Maruyama When I heard about the Pogo sketch tool, I immediately thought that this could be the stylus that could supplement my`wacom tablet when I was using my Mac book remotely. I love my Wacom tablet and stylus and that I can fit into my briefcase easily, but the prospect of having a single stylus to scribble on my laptop's touchpad was alluring. ...Read More »
LightWave 9.6: NewTek's latest update to its flagship 3D product By Jon Carroll NewTek's LightWave 3D 9.6 update offers some new functions and bug fixes over 9.5, which shipped around SIGGRAPH 2008. I'll admit I'm a long-time user of LightWave, having worked as a freelance LightWave artist for 10 years in various capacities. Some of the new features are easier for me to understand, while to others they may be obscure. ...Read More »
SIGGRAPH ASIA: 2008 / P2 By Ko Maruyama 2008 marked the first ACM SIGGRAPH Conference in Asia. Almost two years in the making, the Asian SIGGRAPH is host to computer artists of all kinds. Autodesk's Maya 2009 with newly enhanced Fluid Effects, nCloth, nParticles, Hair, Fur and MAYA LIVE. ...Read More »
Manga Studio 4 and website By Ko Maruyama It has been almost 3 years since I first tried manga studio 3.0 for the PC. At that time it had just been ported from Japan's Comic Studio. Although there were two versions offered by E. frontier, both were extremely feature rich, and required some experience. Now you can get training and online assistance at manga studio online. ...Read More »
Adobe Flash CS4 Professional By Kevin Schmitt I have bad news for those out there who were expecting Flash CS4 to, well, suck: It doesn't. Far from it. Adobe certainly seems to have responded to the pressure of having viable Flash competition by delivering a polished upgrade that is chock full of thoughtful improvements and useful new features. So despite the fact that I've spoiled the ending, I hope you'll come along as we explore the latest and greatest in the most recent release of the Flash authoring tool. ...Read More »
My Comic Book Creator and Comic Life Review By Heath McKnight Planetwide Media's My Comic Book Creator, including Comic Book Creator 2 and Marvel Heroes Comic Book Creator (Windows only,, along with Plasq's Comic Life 1.4 (Mac and Windows,, are making it easier for users to create their own comic books. The applications are a lot of fun, and for this comic book geek, a way to try my hand at even professional comic book creation. ...Read More »
Alien Skin Blow Up 2 for Photoshop By Ko Maruyama Alien Skin is a plugin developer that has been around for a while and it's nice to see that they're continuing to keep their product line alive with new tools that we are all looking for. The new version of Blow Up works in Photoshop and Photoshop Express, giving us the option to get clean scaling solutions even when we have to get closer than we should. ...Read More »
Windows on Mac, hardware style By Ko Maruyama There are many reasons that people like to use new keyboards. In addition to the occasional coffee spill and other mishaps, sometimes keyboards just give out and need to be replaced. Other times, a keyboard is chosen for comfort and portability. I had a chance to check out Adesso's USB roll up keyboard, the AKB-230. ...Read More »
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