SmithMicro Moho is ready for Microsoft SurfaceStudio By Ko Maruyama You may have known it as Moho before it became Anime Studio, well, it's back to Moho again - and making a big splash with the announcement of the new Microsoft Surface Studio. The software allows users to take advantage of the hardware features of Dial to quickly edit and animate. ...Read More »
PNY`s Siggraph 2016 Event Wrap Up At SIGGRAPH 2016, PNY demonstrated how NVIDIA Quadro GPUs are revolutionizing next-generation professional VR workflows. NVIDIA Quadro GPUs offer low-latency VR rendering, scalable performance and synchronization across multi-GPUs. Available from select PNY Partners, Iray Certified Rendering Systems showcased how Quadro multi-GPU support provides performance scaling for even the most demanding models or scenes in a digital workflow or production pipeline. ...Read More »
Image Engine Tames "Chappie" Renders with PipelineFX's Qube! By DMN Staff Writer Image Engine was the primary VFX facility on "Chappie", so we were tasked with all the fight sequences, hard-surface character creation, live action animation, comps and lighting jobs that Neill Blomkamp and Sony Pictures requested. Our team consisted of about 150 people working out of the Vancouver office for about a year and half. ...Read More »
StuffIt Deluxe 16 By Ko Maruyama While you might think that there isn't a whole lot that you can say about compressing your files, there are a bunch of us old macheads that remember our first, Stuffit. Smith Micro recently brought out StuffIt Deluxe 16, which is long overdue, but still a welcome addition to your Mac toolkit, and yes, it does '.zip' formats as well. ...Read More »
Vectoraster by LostMinds By Ko Maruyama Vectorizer for the Mac (and iOS) allows you to create fantastic shape based translations of raster artwork or photography with just a few clicks. The great part about this new software is that it is really easy to use. Like any good design software, it?s full of options that will allow you to create unique pieces, even when you?re starting from presets. ...Read More »
Q&A with MONIKA SAWYER Monika Sawyer has specialized in creating the feather and fur on animated characters for many years. She first carved out this very unique position working as a fur and feathers specialist on a variety of animal characters for such animated films as the Ice Age series, Rio and Horton Hears a Who!, where she first met and worked with Free Birds director Jimmy Hayward. From Relativity Media and Reel FX Animation Studios, Free Birds is the first theatrical full-length computer-animated film to be made at the award-winning Reel FX studios in Dallas, Texas. Free Birds tells the story of two turkeys from opposite sides of the tracks who much put aside their differences and team up to travel back in time to change the course of history -- and get turkey off the Thanksgiving menu for good. The film opens nationwide on November 1st. ...Read More »
What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up? By Maureen Mo Whelan News spotlighting the struggles within the visual effects industry, as well as comments from professionals and independents within the entertainment industry, inspired me to write an article based on my own work experience. I've been in front and behind the camera, along with the back-end of post-production, and many places in between. I feel compelled to write about what I currently see happening to the visual effects industry along with the production and post-production worlds, and why the industry is going through rough times.
 ...Read More »
Leading New Developments in Visual Computing By <p>By improving visual-computing architecture, experts are simplifying and enhancing the process of developing realistic simulations for use in everything from 3D gaming to cancer treatment. Academics are teaching the next generation of developers ...Read More »
Autodesk Debuts Autodesk Maya 2010 at SIGGRAPH 2009 At SIGGRAPH 2009, Autodesk, Inc. announced it has unified its Autodesk Maya Complete 2009 software with its Autodesk Maya Unlimited 2009 feature set, to come up with Autodesk Maya 2010. The solution combines matchmoving, compositing and rendering in a single unified workflow. ...Read More »
PNY's Carl Flygare talks graphics cards at SIGGRAPH09 By John Virata Graphics cards play a central role in the creation of animation and special effects that artists see annually at the SIGGRAPH show (in New Orleans this year) and what consumers seem to desire more of in their daily exposure to digital entertainment, be it via the movies, video games, ride simulators, even TV. Over the last several years, artists have been pushing the envelope in what they can create with the tools that are available to them. ...Read More »
Apple's 2.8Ghz dual Intel Xeon Quad-Core Mac Pro By Heath McKnight Apple's 2.8Ghz dual Intel Xeon Quad-Core (8-cores total!) Mac Pro is one of Apple's fastest computers yet. With the capability to run with 32GB RAM, an excellent graphics card (or two), and terabytes of storage, no job is too big for this beast to handle. ...Read More »
Turbo.264 Video Encoder By Michael Smith Elgato, makers of eyetv 3, have come out with another way to convert your video files. The turbo.264 is a quick and easy way to convert your videos to H.264(mp4) files. You can play the resulting files on several players. Most importantly, this Mac software is a perfect way to get your video to your iTunes list for export to you iPhone or iPod (and Apple TV or Sony PSP). This week, Michael Smith took delivery of his elgato turbo system and immediately went to work unboxing the package. Here is his walkthrough. ...Read More »
NAB 2008: GridIron Shows Flow By Ko Maruyama GridIron, a relatively small company showed up with a massive booth for a massively comprehensive management solution. GridIron, previously known for its memory and processor management application: NucleoPro now offers to help us with our file management as well. ...Read More »
Axiotron Modbook D5 By Ko Maruyama After a week of using the modbook, I have to say that it's hardly enough time to get out of "play mode". As I said on Day One of the review, there is definitely a learning curve on the machine. And while I may be a speedy, accurate Cintiq user, it doesn't mean that the modbook is "just like having a Wacom Cintiq on your laptop. Y ...Read More »
Axiotron Modbook D4 By Ko Maruyama I've always had a keyboard, so there has never been a need to use the Ink Utility that comes with the Mac OS, but since using the modbook - I realize that there is a very good use for it. There are some limitations to the application, but it adds a lot of functionality to the modbook which otherwise only has a floating software keyboard. ...Read More »
Stomp your video into submission By Michael Smith Stomp is a video compression program, that allows you with a few click, to turn a large video file into a more managable one. It was created by Neil Clayton, who also created iShowU, which is a video screen-capture program. ...Read More »
Cintiq 12WX By Ko Maruyama Wacom tablets have come to be the most trusted digital drawing tools in the visual effects community. After working in Hollywood digital effects for over ten years, I have yet to see any company to use anything other than Wacom. The company announces today that they will offer a new tablet. ...Read More »
ColorSchemer By Michael Smith ColorSchemer Studio is a professional color matching application for anyone from hobbyists to advanced professionals. It doesn't matter whether users are Mac or Windows-oriented. According to the website, it is ready for OSX Leopard, and the Galleria Widget will also work on Leopard as well. ...Read More »
DMN @ SIGGRAPH 07 Get animating with Blender! By David Basulto Ok no more excuses. If you ever wanted to get into or at least try it to see if you enjoy keyframes now is the time. Blender is an open source animation and modeling application that looks great and best of all its free. ...Read More »
IdN Turns 15 By Ko Maruyama We are all connected. International Design celebrates our diversity and the familiar threads that join us all together. Every year I meet up with Laurence Ng to discuss the hottest sights at SIGGRAPH and catch up. This year, the upcoming magazine's 15th Anniversary will a milestone for them. To celebrate IdN is sponsoring a designer's contest. ...Read More »
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