MAXON's R10 Character Animation and Paint By Ko Maruyama I caught up with MAXON president Paul Babb who gave SIGGRAPH attendees a look at CINEMA 4D R10. The latest version of the software combines all of the features of their modeling and animation application as well as the power of their 3D painting toolset found in BODYPAINT 3D. ...Read More »
CINEMA 4D: Simpson Torus By Ko Maruyama It's time to make the doughnuts. Sure - you could make a better one - I dare you to! But if you want to get started, there really is no easier way than to pop open up a 3D application and click on a primitive object that already looks like a doughnut: The Torus Object. Oh, the torus object - is there anything it *can't* do? Try it out - push it around, and see what happens. In the second part, we'll make the icing, frosting, whatever you want to call it: the pink stuff... ...Read More »
PLATFORM FESTIVAL: A Review By Sam Niemann Who better to report on the debut of the major new animation festival in Portland, Oregon than an animator from Portland. I asked some friends up at renowned animation house RENEGADE ANIMATION if they'd drop in to see what all the hubbub was about, and got back more than expected. Veteran animator Sam Niemann started a journal which he's allowed me to reprint here. ...Read More »
Introduction to Poser By Ko Maruyama Arena Reed hosts "An Introduction to Poser", an instructional DVD. Arena takes you through some of the most powerful tools of Poser in a very easy-to-follow narration. Her guided tour is really a private tutorial of professional tricks and tips that will not only have you up and running in no time, but her lessons will help to show you how to work more cleanly - saving time in your work pipeline so you can spend more time in creative experimentation. ...Read More »
MACWORLD 3D By Ko Maruyama Slowing down and relaxing in the brilliant glow of recent accolades from CMP is not something that Luxology's Brad Peebler was about to do. There is no slowing down for the company's president, or for the software. After receiving the award in the annual Front Line Awards, Peebler made sure that attendees at Macworld were able to get personal demos of the software. ...Read More »
Autodesk Releases Maya 8.5 By Dave Nagel Autodesk today releases Maya 8.5, the long-awaited Universal Binary update to the high-end 3D suite. The new version also adds in some workflow, performance, scripting and creative enhancements. It ships today, with a Personal Learning Edition set to follow in the spring. ...Read More »
Macworld Expo 2007: The Roundup By Kevin Schmitt Allow me to begin with a rhetorical, albeit serious, question: if they held a Macworld and there were no Macs, wouldn't it just be called "World?" As much as I would love to smugly sit back while you ponder that enormously profound query, instead let us endeavor to break through the enormous hype bubble generated by the introduction of the iPhone to get at a select handful of some of the more interesting items unveiled at or around this year's Macworld. Well, interesting to me, anyway. ...Read More »
Joints and Skin By Rob Garrott Its long been a complaint of the C4D community that we didnt have very good character tools. Cactus Dan Libisch wiped out all those arguments almost overnight with the release of his plug-in Joints and Skin ...Read More »
SIGGRAPH: Markerless Motion Capture By Frank Moldstad Every once in a while a new technology comes along that offers a completely new way of doing something -- while suggesting intriguing new creative possibilities. Thats the buzz in Boston, where a new markerless facial motion capture technology from Mova called the Contour Reality Capture System has been introduced at SIGGRAPH. We talked with Mova's founder and Contour architect Steve Perlman, a multimedia pioneer who was leader of the QuickTime Development Team at Apple in the late 1980s. ...Read More »
SIGGRAPH: Autodesk Announces Maya 8 and 3ds Max 9 By Frank Moldstad Autodesk's professional 3D animation applications are now both 64-bit ready for Windows (and Linux for Maya), with 32-bit compatibility for users not on 64-bit platforms. They've also been optimized for large datasets, one of the most crucial features for high-end film, broadcast and game users. Other enhancements have been added in areas such as productivity, pipeline efficiency, rendering and file exchange capabilities with other programs. ...Read More »
LightWave v9 First Look Part 2 By Stephen Schleicher In Part 1, Digital Media Nets Stephen Schleicher gave us a glimpse of some of the new features in NewTeks LightWave v9. In this installment, he talks all about surfacing, and puts LightWave v9 to its paces. ...Read More »
LightWave 9.0 First Look Part 1 By Stephen Schleicher The long awaited update to NewTeks LightWave 3D v9 is now available. No major interface changes this time, but rather a ton of new features and speed improvements that should have other 3D applications a little nervous. In this first look review, Digital Media Nets Stephen Schleicher gives you a peak at what you can expect. ...Read More »
CINEMA 4D & HAIR By Ko Maruyama Student Chris Riehl is new to CINEMA 4D, but his teacher, a moderator in the DMN Forums and demo artist for MAXON COMPUTERS has noted how quickly he has taken to the software. I had a minute to sit down with Chris to ask him a few questions about C4D's new module: HAIR. ...Read More »
Animating Snow in DAZ|Studio By Ko Maruyama The guys at DAZ|Studio are sharing this tutorial with all of our readers. If you picked up the interview about the book, you also know that DAZ|Studio is the free 3D application that created all of the images for that book. This week, Jacob shares tricks for creating snow on 3D planes. ...Read More »
Mr. Finnegan's Giving Chest By Ko Maruyama DAZ|Studio's top guys create illustrations to populate their latest creation, a book called "Mr. Finnegans' Giving Chest". The book is a holiday story about sharing and love which comes to life through a series of 3D rendered illustrations featuring DAZ|Studio's multifaceted talents. ...Read More »
Lucky Sevens for Maya and MotionBuilder By Frank Moldstad Last year at SIGGRAPH, Alias focus was on its acquisition of Kaydara, developer of the character animation package MotionBuilder, a deal which literally was finalized at the show. The purchase came on the heels of Alias buyout from former parent company SGI. The ensuing year was a busy one for Alias developers, with the introduction of MotionBuilder 6 and Maya 6.5, and at SIGGRAPH 2005, Maya 7 and MotionBuilder 7. Both of the new versions are slated for August availability. ...Read More »
Coming Soon: RenderMan for Maya By Frank Moldstad With the release this summer of RenderMan for Maya, Pixar is turning its focus toward a broader market for its renderer, which up to now has been aimed at high-end studio applications. Chris Ford, Pixar's business director - RenderMan, explains this shift and how RenderMan for Maya differs from the newly released RenderMan Pro Server version 12.5. ...Read More »
Animation Master Wows NAB 2005 By Peter May At NAB there are two ways to get noticed. The first involves big companies firing up massive PR machines, fueled with equal parts of money, hype and showmanship, producing an inescapable omnipresence. The second way involves little companies taking more money than they have to rent less space than they need and putting their faith in word-of-mouth and the quality of their product. These underdogs are harder, but infinitely more rewarding to find. At this years NAB, with a little help from his friends, DMN reporter Peter May found a piece of software that left him, well, ani-mazed! ...Read More »
LightWave[8] Reviewed By Stephen Schleicher If you have followed my writings over the last several years, you know I am a huge fan of NewTeks LightWave 3D. Version 7.5 delivered many needed features, but still lacked some of bang animators desired. With the release of LightWave[8] have these issues been addressed? ...Read More »
GREAT, Sounds Easy! By Douglas Spotted Eagle Drawing from the massive Sony Pictures sound archives, these sounds have been remastered for use in the professional video or audio industry. This definitely is not the "everyman's" library, as it's positioned as a premium offering and these sounds are clearly aimed at the serious sound designer. ...Read More »
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